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About Ron Therien

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Ron Therien was born in 1968 in Ottawa, Ontario, where he currently lives with his wife Tracy and daughter Haley.

Although he credits his cartooning development to his constant childhood doodling, Therien attended The Ottawa School of Commerce where he studied life drawing and graphic arts and continued his studies at Ottawa's Algonquin College.

Therien's cartoons have appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine publications as well as newsletters and brochures for several companies including Allstate Insurance, Children's Hospital Of Pittsburg, University Of Wisconsin, University College Dublin, Lawrence University, Broker Network LTD., Big Publishing LTD., and have appeared in numerous books and greeting cards.

Aside from cartooning, Therien is also an accomplished artist and published illustrator with over a dozen book covers to his credit as well as cartoon illustrating two books for 'Proper Etiquette' writer, Martin Stuart.

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My late friend Duncan Macpherson, the great award-winning political cartoonist of The Toronto Star, once told me that the best cartoonists have the ability to produce in combined excellence, draftsmanship, ideas, and the most difficult of the disciplines, expression of attitude. Ron Therien represents the finest of these three qualities. There is a clean, clear and clever simplicity to his drawing that, in combination with his off beat humor from an original thinker, humor conveyed not only the settings and situations and gag lines, but through the dead-on 'attitude' of the various facial expressions and body language of his characters works for Therien, and works for his fans.
Earl McRae

The Ottawa Sun