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About Greg Cravens

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Greg Cravens

reg Cravens is the author of the comic strips The Buckets and Hubris. His first comic, The Buckets, offers a realistic snapshot of modern family life: the worries, the mayhem and the often-overlooked rewards. “The Buckets is for anyone baffled by human behavior and the most exquisite comic strip for those willing to see their behavior objectively,” says Cravens. In 2012, Cravens launched his newest comic strip, Hubris. It is the story of people who enjoy their weekends more than their jobs --wandering in and out of The Outdoor Galore Store, the woods, the skate park, the river and trouble. They'll risk their lives and limbs to entertain the reader by entertaining themselves. “Hubris takes us outside to play, and we all need that sorely,” says Cravens. “I craft the strips with meaning behind the fun.”


Originally from Tennessee, Cravens graduated from Memphis State University. He began as the artist on The Buckets (originally created by Scott Stantis) in 2001, just after the strip's 10th anniversary. In 2006, Cravens completely took the reins for the strip. The transition was smoothed by the fact that Cravens began the strip as a married cartoonist, father to two young boys, and owner of a mortgage and a dog -- just as Stantis had been 10 years earlier. Cravens also creates large, unwieldy piles of advertising cartoons. He continues to author both his comic strips in Memphis, surrounded by his friends and family.