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About Martin Dean (Sudhir)

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Martin Dean (Sudhir)



Published and distributed by Boolarong Press.


Welcome to a genuinely different approach to the ancient art of Astrology. Be prepared to open your heart to the world of poetry and paradox - to hunt for meaning in ways that aren?t linear or necessarily logical. Significance lies in a deepening of the sense of mystery, not in the lessening of it.

Sudhir was trained in Experiential Astrology in Oregon (USA) in 1985. He is presently residing in Brisbane where he does Astrology Readings, runs Astrology Classes for individuals, couples and groups - and maintains his website www.sudhirastrology.com. He has been writing Astrology Columns for various publications and websites for over 12 years

His work and life story has been featured in The West Australian Week-End Magazine. He has also scripted the Astrological component of what was at the time the highest rating locally made television show in Western Australia - (?Starbodies? ? Channel 7 ? early 1990?s)

Sudhir has had his first book published called Astrology for those who won?t admit they?re interested!

Published and distributed by Boolarong Press, ISBN 9781921555077.

Sudhir receives lots of sincere and genuine testimonials from avid followers of his work.

Here are just a few:

You have a real gift and I am convinced you would make an amazing professor.?

Just fell off my chair ~ almost literally ~ when I read your Capricorn?

I have found your stars a meditation in the deepest sense of the word??

what a nut I am for your nutty astro bars.?

eloquent and mystical musings....both heartening and insightful.

You have given me - insights, wisdom & laughter.?

If you manage to touch my being again and again through your little haikus... I love the idea of putting them together as a gift book or poetry from the stars.?

In your little paragraphs of whimsical wisdom have helped me a lot this year?

I've been quite depressed and I am amazed at how I can read a few words like that and find so much beauty and wisdom to get me out of bed and reconnecting with the world.?

I have been following your star analogies for years and unlike others, find them uncannily accurate for me.?

I love your horoscope interpretations. They are really lovely guidance and I read them avidly. Please keep your in tune writings happening! It enriches the world!?

I was blown-away by you saying exactly what I needed to read to re-set my compass. You held my cyber-hand through some difficult and dark days and held a light for me to climb blind cliffs where I couldn?t see my next hand-hold.?

A truly manageable insight, one that doesn?t so much predict, but incites, nudges, shines, and opens up. I love them and I thank you?

I found the description of Pisces incredible and simply beautiful. wonderful. i love your words. thank you.?