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Melbourne Cup Astrology 2013

Maggie Kerr

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Melbourne Cup Stars                                            Maggie Kerr

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Aries                     Despite your natural inclination to enterprise and action, your planets are in practical work mode right now…yes, it can be a tad boring, but even Rams have to take care of business sometimes! So this year to rally the troops, it’s about office gigs or organising an outing for the team at the track for some fun and nonsense. As for punting outcomes, a little research and planning rather than your typical ‘last minute moment’ is the order of the day, as your current strength lies in strategy rather than knee jerk reactions. You’re interested in previous winners…could “Green Moon” make it two in a row?

Colours:               Red, Scarlet, Rust Orange, Pale Grey                       Numbers:            1, 4, 5, 8, 13, 23


Taurus                  Bull people are in a huge growth phase right now with fab PR and networking on offer on this busy 2013 Cup Day. Your current world is all about significant new partnerships and alliances, so say yes to invites to hang out with ‘important people’, as you frock up with panache and style…of course!

As Lady Luck is also shining brightly in your ‘speculation sector’ a little derring-do is in order my friends. Apart from tuning in to tips from these same significant others your Astro-scape says, go for jockeys and their steeds with the most foreign sounding names like “Puissance de Lune”.

Colours:               Blue hues, Green Turquoise, Purple                       Numbers:            2, 3, 6, 12, 15, 24


Gemini                 Splendid financial stars are flashing all over you courtesy of lucky Jupiter in your money sector since mid-year till mid-2014.  Yes it’s time to grow your resources, give up poverty consciousness and get set for prosperity as your new favourite word. Cup Day has lots of action in your work zone, so despite your urge to flit and fly to exotic locales you’re well served in office mode where you’re on a roll of high octane organisation. So use your gifts of multi-tasking to sign that deal you’ve been working on in the a.m. and organise the drinks for the afternoon session. Your ruler Mercury connects with sleek beauties with deep and mysterious titles like “Masked Marvel”.

Colours:               Green, Black, Crimson, Pink, Grey                            Numbers:            3, 11, 12


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