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2016 New Yearly Astrology Forecast

Tanya Obreza

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2016 Horoscopes

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by Tanya Obreza


Aries - The Ram

March 21 to April 20


2016 Overview

You might have to keep an eye on expenditure for a while longer, Aries, but only until your birthday.  So mark that time as the beginning of some much-needed retail therapy.  At the same time the cosmos fires up your free spirit.  Ditto for Mars.  When this warring planet lifts his sword, you can expect an impassioned time ahead.  This could mean the odd power struggle at work or at home, where finances and legal matters might also make their presence felt.  Fortunately, the Sun lends some clarity to the greater professional dream.  And by year’s end, you should have a much better idea of where –and just how far – you really want to go. 


“What the world needs now is love, sweet love,” and Ariens everywhere are first in line.  But where to find that perfect mate?  Think foreign and exotic, particularly after March.  You may freely experiment after June, when you’re drawn to an irresistible out-of-towner – possibly someone older.  If long-term love has become lacklustre, use July to rekindle tepid passions. Throughout 2016 the cosmos suggests mixing business with pleasure too, with many nudged towards money and prestige.  Lovely.  


Half the world is talking about cutting workload.  According to social futurists, we’re all meant to be “downshifting”.  We’re supposed to value our leisure time.  Seems that you haven’t really taken this message to heart, as you continue to slog through the workload regardless.  Get off the treadmill, Aries.  Take an occasional breather before the winter onslaught in July.   In the meantime, finances receive a necessary boost.  So why not spoil yourself?  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.  


Taurus - The Bull

April 21 to May 20

2016 Overview

Tenacity and ambition surge through your veins this year.  Submitting to a behind-the-scenes role no longer suits your style.  Others may find this kind of feisty resolve intimidating and will stand back, well out of harm’s way.  But remember, life isn’t all work.  With carnal desires running free, you’ll find that business contacts can just as willingly become romantic ties.  Singles play the field – and never more than during late summer.  Some may be tempted by the illicit.  Established duos also enjoy revived lust and play.  But regardless of your romantic status, you could meet a gifted individual who becomes instrumental in pushing you into the public eye.  


Where have you been, my elusive friend?  Perhaps in search of love’s rainbow.  If so, you’re probably ready to click your heels and wish for home.  This is where all Taureans will be happiest this year – taking comfort in the familiar.  And, yes, you could be forgiven for feeling slightly cheated in the love stakes in recent times.  The cosmos has certainly been a tough taskmaster.  But should fresh romantic prospects soar in on April’s breeze, kiss all those inhibitions goodbye.  You deserve a glorious time.  


Shake off any remaining self-doubt, Taurus.  The restraints that have been tying you to the same old rut are finally severed.  You’re encouraged to take risks both at work and play. If this sounds unnerving, that’s understandable:  take comfort knowing that this is the planets’ way of encouraging success. What’s more, no one copes with a challenge better than you.  And don’t be afraid to dish out a little extra cash.  Sure you may spend more, but you’re on a winning streak. 

Gemini - The Twins

May 21 to June 21

2016 Overview

Introspection doesn’t come easily to outgoing, playful Gemini.  But Pluto’s progress through your sector of inner self won’t go unnoticed.  This transit intensifies emotions, unearths buried sentiments and encourages you to identify what’s most important for your long term happiness.  At times, it could become difficult to be your usual spontaneous self.  Perhaps some sort of secret will be exposed, or an individual or event will reawaken painful memories from the past.  In the meantime, others are inspired and enraptured by you.  Friendships, however, start to become erratic. Speculation should also be kept to a minimum.  Map out a specific course of action, then attack your goals one step at a time.  


It’s a year of contradictions.  Soul-searching versus searching for a soul mate.  But even when you’re feeling a tad introspective, romance is never far away.  That’s the beauty of being you.  Throughout early 2016, you can expect a far more serious attitude towards love.  By May, the cosmos brings a truce to sparring relationships.  Fun is on the increase.  The focus also shifts towards diversifying your social life.  And, should June present the chance of a more hedonistic lifestyle, why hesitate?  It’ll most likely be a welcome change.  


Sometimes it seems that fate gives with one hand and takes with the other.  Thankfully though, March signals the end of a long cycle of struggle.  Once again, you’re motivated and heading towards success.  If you have a brilliant proposal in the back of your mind, bring it to the fore.  If you’re more inclined to hit the road for a while, now’s your chance to roam.  It looks like a huge financial leap is also on the horizon.  And if you have half a mind to turn a work friendship into something more serious, then so be it.  

Cancer - The Crab

June 22 to July 22

2016 Overview

If you’re hoping that 2016 will come wrapped in a leisurely parcel, not so.  Talk about full-on.  Still, you’re needed and despite your quiet protests, this is just the way you like it.  When you’re in demand, you know you’re appreciated.  Plus, you’re clocking up some serious karmic brownie points – so keep a good tally.  An uncharacteristic inclination for taking risks may surface after April.  Pay attention to detail, including listening to good advice.  Hold on to your heartstrings after June, as you fall into an intense fling with someone you wouldn’t usually consider eligible.   If you start the year single, you could be very much in love by the end of it.  


In contrast to last year’s insecurity, 2016 signals the start of romance.  Right from the start, passions simmer at boiling point through to summer’s end.  June is a month when you’re encouraged to get things out into the open.  If you’re in the market for new love, Venus helps you deliver a knock-out sales pitch.  August offers fresh fun.  This is one of the months when familiarity breeds content.  Couples are better able to express how they feel and show how much they care.  Something for everyone.  


Money doesn’t grow on trees and even if it did, you’d have some serious sowing to do.  It’s not that you won’t do well this year – you’ll just have to work for it.  Your driving force?  Financial independence.  Whether you’re trotting the globe or buried in invoices, 2016 promises achievement and a renewed sense of purpose.  Be more discriminating when dealing with others.  Not everyone’s as trusting and honest as you.  Spend only what you can afford.  


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