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Christmas Riddles for Kids

Mark Scrivener

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They sound like they adore the rain

But likely it is snow...

The only dear ones that can claim

That they have claws, you know.

Answer to be revealed ...


Its sounds like selling metal, yet

It sparkles on the needle tree.

We take it in the rolls we get

And drape it there for all to see.    

Answer to be revealed ...



I am in card but not in greeting,

In Christmas time, but not so long;

In cheer and cup but not in meeting-

In carols clearly, not in song.

Answer to be revealed ...



The gleams of power upon a tree,

On houses, gardens, roofs, are we-

The street-bright stars of dusk and night

With twinkling hues for festive sight.

Answer to be revealed ...



My first’s what coins in pockets do;

The next ones sound in towers for you

When some occasion comes along-

My whole’s a dashing, season song.

Answer to be revealed ...



The soundless darkness is surrounding

In German verse of greatest fame;

Yet many singers, with it sounding,

Would make the night not like its name.

Answer to be revealed ...

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