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Tanya Obreza

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Tanya Obreza, acclaimed metaphysician, is ready to answer your specific questions about anything to do with matters beyond the physical. Be it angels, reincarnation, astrology, love, money, the spirit world... right through to quantum physics! 



Do you want to know more about angels, astrology, karma, reincarnation, the spirit world?  With over 30 years experience, let Tanya lift the lid on your soul’s secrets.  

Question from Reader:

Dear Tanya,

Can you please explain an extraordinary moment I experienced a few months ago while walking by the beach?  It was a moment of spine-tingling pure bliss - like I was at complete peace, and had merged in with all of nature.


Hi Julie, 

Gently walking the beach lulled you into a deeply meditative state. And during that special moment of peace, all worries were forgotten. So, congratulations, you’ve now felt the thrill of “nirvana”. Nirvana, an Indian word, means “free from suffering”. Some simply call these experiences “magic moments”.   May you be blessed with many more!  

Dear Tanya,

Next time you speak with the Universe, can you please ask how to heal a broken heart? Not a good feeling. 


Hi Leslie

I am so sorry if this is the experience you are now having. Human love relationships are the most difficult, the most challenging, and the most growth-producing life experiences I am aware of. Nothing else compares to them in terms of direct impact on our ability to be happy, or to feel willing to tackle all the other challenges that life presents. I know only one way to “heal a broken heart”.  Somewhat radically, continue loving.  And know, absolutely, that you are worth loving. If you saw yourself as the Universe sees you, you’d be forever smiling.  Know that you will be loved again by a special partner, and many more friends and family too. Don’t sit in your house, waiting for someone to knock on your door.  Go out into the world, and bring love-happily-shared with all those whose life you touch...and you’ll find love beating a path to your door.   

Dear Tanya,

A few weeks ago, I was woken from sleep and saw my much-loved mother at the foot of my bed.  What totally scared me was that my mum’s been dead for six months now.  I didn’t know what to do.


Hi Sophie,

How lovely!  Your mum paid you a visit.  But why the fear?  You say you truly loved your mother - so I’m assuming that you weren’t scared of her when she was alive.  Please don’t be now.  She was just trying to let you know that she’s still with you, and the fact that you could see her shows that you have psychic abilities.  If mum appears again, put aside your fears and simply talk with her as you would have when she was in the physical form.  I’m sure she’s up for a chat!

Dear Tanya,

I’ve been told that positive thinking and affirmations will help create what I desire from life.  Well, I’ve tried it and nothing’s changed.  Am I doing something wrong?


Positive thinking works - it really does.  Where many people go wrong with their affirmations for a better life is that they don’t think through the consequences of their thoughts.  Bottom line: is what you want for the best of everyone around you, or just you?  The Universe tends to act on prayers that will benefit the planet as a whole, as well as yourself.  Picture the positive, let’s say...from the day you win the lottery, to the people you’ll be sharing it with. The secret of positive thinking is to not only plot about how different your life will be, but also the lives of others.  

Dear Tanya

Please explain to me why other people seem to attract money to them and I seem to struggle.  I have always worked hard all my life and never been unemployed.  I have friends who attract wealthy partners or inherit large sums of money which I am very happy for them to receive but what do I have to do to get the Universe to send some my way?


Hi Stephanie

There are many different possibilities of why life takes us down the road we travel.  One could be karma.  Karma is a universal law similar to Newton’s Third Law - which is, ‘for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction’.  Metaphysicians say that, before you were born. you chose and mapped out the life you’re living now.  There exists an agreed “contract” between yourself, the main players in your life and the Universe.  Why?  To repay any negative karma from previous lives and, of course, to gain from positive happy experiences as well.  Consider this scenario: in a previous life, you were born to wealth, and didn’t value the concept of money.  Perhaps you spent too freely, or weren’t generous enough.  In this lifetime, you may have “agreed” that you would have to work harder for your money in order to rectify past errors of judgment.  The good news?  Just as in hypnotherapy, once you’ve delved back into the past and found the source of any trauma - you can acknowledge it, accept it and then lose any subconscious fear or guilt surrounding that past life.  Next: thank the Universe (and yourself!) for the hard work done on this issue, and then let the past go.  Give yourself permission to again, enjoy money.  Without doubt, the Universe will respond kindly, and generously.  

Tanya Obreza, acclaimed metaphysician, is ready to answer your specific questions about anything to do with matters beyond the physical.  Be it angels, reincarnation, astrology, love, money, the spirit world... right through to quantum physics!  Just write to: ...............

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