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Babyscope for babies born in 2015

Maggie Kerr

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A brilliant astrology article to give parents enormous insight into their new little bundle of joy!   This article covers all babies born in the last 12 months.  They are just beginning to show their personalities and what a wonderful way to learn more about their potential and their life journey.

A few words about babies and Sun signs.             The Sun sign describes the qualities we are meant to grow into in our adult life, so this report offers insight to guide and support your special new family member toward their adult potential.  Mention of the other planets in the solar system provides insight into extra features of their makeup and it’s also great to find out their Moon and Ascendant signs to complete the ‘picture’. You are welcome to contact me to do this maggiekerr@universalastrology.com.au


CAPRICORN        December 22 to January 20

What an interesting pod of little goats 2015 brings us with a number of quite different features in their makeup that are sure to keep you on your toes! Capricorns are earthy, practical people who are the ‘builders’ of our world - thus they carry tenacious, hardworking and ambitious qualities as they love to achieve results. Your job is to help them learn to be responsible kids at the same time as teaching them to play and enjoy life, as Caps can also be a little too serious at times. Their ruling planet is Saturn who is in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius this year, bestowing an outgoing feature to their nature. This means they will love travelling and questing to find meaning and purpose for their lives - so think foreign exchange student and high achievement in their chosen subjects. January bubs are highly original, inventor kids who will excel in sciences and enjoy their own company. They need lots of freedom to ‘think outside the box’ and dare to be different. December 2015 bubs have a strong drive for social justice and will be clever with design areas such as architecture. So we see lots of ingredients on offer for a wonderful, fulfilling life for these Souls. Enjoy the ride!


AQUARIUS          January 21 to February 18

Aquarians ‘march to the beat of a different drum’ as they carry visions for the future and their original, thinking minds bring new ideas and inventions for change and reform. Whoosh … yes, your new little person will become a ‘way-shower’ for our world in the decades to come! So get ready for a highly individual little kid who will always want to challenge and change the status quo and usually find ‘normal’ people pretty boring! Don’t fret if he/she enjoys being a bit of a loner, but also make sure they never feel abandoned or rejected. They will need highly stimulating learning environments allowing plenty of room to be ‘different’ so they don’t have to play out ‘the rebel’ through frustration or boredom. With planets also in the sensitive sign of Pisces they will love art and movies and be very intuitive and compassionate about people and their feelings, so adult outcomes could involve helping and healing professions. Helping them to develop healthy boundaries and to trust their intuition combined with their clever ideas will be the greatest gift you can give them.


PISCES                  February 19 to March 20

Fish people are the compassionate, caring members of our world whose innate urge to help others often draws them to caring professions. All things spiritual and psychological are associated with Pisces as they love to understand how people tick, thus nursing and mental health areas can hold the key to their global contribution. Encourage their imagination and allow them to trust their instincts and intuition and make sure to set a place for their imaginary friends at dinner! Your small person is a ‘dreamer’ who will need quiet time and paintbrushes and will love film and visual media. However, this year’s little fish are stronger and more energetic than usual as they have a number of planets in dynamic fire signs - this brings an interesting mix to their personality. They also need to develop courage and bravery so they can become pioneers in their chosen fields; they will need and love adventurous outings and ‘quests’ to help them build their confidence as they also carry marvellous leadership qualities. In a nutshell your little fish is a ‘spiritual warrior’!


ARIES                    March 21 to April 19

Once in a blue moon the cycles of the planets align to create exceptional connections, so it is with great pleasure I inform you that this is the case for little Rams born in 2015! These bubs have both the Sun plus energetic Mars in Aries - the sign of independence and pioneering courage. These are also energised with the biggest planet of all, Jupiter, the planet of positive optimism and luck.  Jupiter is also in the passionate, creative, dynamic sign of Leo. OK, if this sounds big it’s because it is! To say this will keep you in high octane parenting is an understatement as you no doubt are already discovering. This is a lot of creative energy to harness and manage as there are warrior features here, along with a wonderful spirit of adventure and passion. So helping them learn to curb their impulsiveness is important without diminishing their strength and confidence; the other big one is co-operation with others so they may arrive at their remarkable life destinations. These kids are pioneering leaders for our world into the 2040’s!


TAURUS               April 20 to May 20

Our little 2015 baby bulls are very strong characters and you may already be brushing up your child psychology skills trying to get him or her to do things your way! Taurus is famous for being stubborn and yep, this is a big feature here. This is because in adult life they will be capable of enormous feats of perseverance to achieve their goals in the world. Bubs born before May 8 also have Mars in Taurus bestowing a direct and active nature beyond the typical placid model: their destiny is to become brave people who fight for the environment or pioneer new financial models. Another feature in the mix is a bright and busy mind and mouth so they will need plenty of stimulation in their education. When we put all this together we have clever, quick-witted builders and preservers of our world who are strong and fearless - quite a wonderful combination, I’m sure you will agree. Ah, let’s not forget Taurus also loves art and music and gardens and food and all things sensory and beautiful.


GEMINI                                May 21 to June 20

Twin people are the teachers and messengers of our world with a versatile gift and ability to switch from one of their twin selves to the other twin self in the blink of an eye. So education, communication and IT networking is their territory. For the first time in 28 years little 2015 Gems have Saturn in the opposite sign of Sagittarius, which means they have core strength in their nature offering remarkable adult outcomes. On the one hand Saturn can bring ambition and a responsible quality where he/she will work hard and achieve results in these areas with ease. On the other hand Saturn can create a sense of inadequacy for a little person - that they are not smart enough or capable of being good enough for their parents and teachers. So your job is to make sure they always feel great about their ‘mind and their mouth’ by taking time to always listen and answer their many questions, so they feel valued and heard. Ultimately these Souls are the educators who bring in bright new ideas and knowledge into the world in the decades to come.  

CANCER               June 21 to July 22

There’s an urban myth that Cancer people are all soft and mushy because Cancer is the sign of feelings and nurture. Well, let’s get that sorted right now - Crab people are actually very strong and no more so than this year’s bubs who have both fighter Mars also in Cancer, plus generous Jupiter in passionate Leo.  So your little crab brings lots of positive energy into your family; no surprises they will enjoy being the centre of the universe and keep things lively to say the least. Creativity is the key here so it is a fine line for you to tread.  As you nurture healthy freedom for them to be confident with lots of approval for their positive qualities, you also teach them to be sensitive and kind to others. The Leo planets offer leadership potential that must be aligned with their Cancer qualities of nurturing and protection of others. By the way, their creativity is also connected to artistic and musical areas and they may have adult outcomes in financial and resource areas. What a fascinating set of possibilities!


LEO                        July 23 to August 22

Leo is the sign in the 12-fold zodiac system that brings us the essence of love and joy and passion for life - so it’s hard not to love a Leo kid especially when they are taking centre stage basking in the adulation of their audience whether large or small. It’s so important to nurture your Leo with very positive praise and approval without overdoing this, because if they don’t get healthy recognition they may fall into the downside Leo trait of showing-off in search of people telling them how great they are … get the idea? Leo is proud and loyal - they love drama and theatre. They are the leaders in our world who ideally lead by the example of a warm and loving nature. Beautiful Leo. This year’s little lions are also very earthy and practical with planets in Virgo offering an analytical mind, a love of order and precision, and interest in health and healing. With this feature you need to make sure you’re not too critical as their tendency to ‘be perfect’ can inhibit the Leo passion and excitement. Leaders in health and engineering systems in decades to come … you bet!


VIRGO                  August 23 to September 22

Every 12 years there’s a special cycle of prosperity for each sign, courtesy of Jupiter ‘the king of the gods’ whose rays bring positive karma, optimism and good fortune. Yes, in 2015 it was Virgo’s turn and this makes for a much more outgoing, exuberant quality than we normally associate with this hardworking, practical sign. Life outcomes will involve a questing spirit who loves travel and adventure in search of great purpose and meaning for life - so higher education and philosophy need to figure in their lives. Virgos love to serve and help others and often work in systems, engineering and health areas. Jupiter tends to do things to extremes - Virgo is an analytical thinker so you need to help this clever little one to trust their intuition to relax and go with the flow of life so they don’t ‘overthink’ and become anxious. We also have a healthy dose of creative Leo in their story which adds passion and vitality and a loving nature. You sure won’t be bored in the wonderful years to come!


LIBRA                    September 23 to October 22

These elegant and refined people are the peacemakers of the zodiac whose purpose often involves social justice or law and they can be very persuasive PR and marketing sales people. “Make love, not war” is their mantra so they will often please others to keep the peace; you may need to help them learn to assert themselves and speak their truth. Librans are very stylish and delight in beautiful things and people, dance and art and this year’s pod will be trendsetters in all of the above. They also have planets in the earthy sign of Virgo so will like their world ordered, but just watch out for them believing they have to be perfect!  Precision is another ‘big thing’ here – they have great organisational skills, and when we add this to their Libran inclinations, drafting and design may be a possible life path. Health is another biggie for Virgo as is a passion for animals: both may be interests for you to direct them toward. All in all, a very kind and caring ‘stylish’ person has come to live at your house.


SCORPIO              October 23 to November 21

These deep and sensitive souls are often misunderstood in our world as their natural reserve can be mistaken for aloofness, when actually they are just shy! You need to be very kind to little Scorps to gain their trust and never betray or shame them, as ‘forgive and forget’ doesn’t come easily. If they don’t feel ‘safe’ they may unconsciously control to get their needs met - so teach them to simply ask for what they need and all will be well. Scorpios are drawn to the mysteries of life and love working behind the scenes, and as Scorp is the sign of birth, death, power and transformation - they may work as researchers, detectives, psychologists, midwives or in hospices. Bubs born before November 13 are also very earthy and practical, very analytical and will be great organisers. So when we add the Scorpio theme of ‘money and resources’ perhaps your child will develop new financial systems in decades to come! Little eagles born November 14 to 22 have a lovely Libran ingredient so will be interested in social justice and have an artistic flair. 


SAGITTARIUS     November 22 to December 21

As souls arrive on earth they carry the ‘imprint’ of current global themes and these become the territory for their life’s purpose. As Sagittarius is about ideals and beliefs, be aware that your bub is destined to become a bright light of tolerance to help us move beyond the prejudice that causes so much separation in our world. Isn’t that wonderful? To help them achieve this, they have some special features to deepen and strengthen the typical Saggie qualities, as hardworking, determined Saturn is also in Sag now for his once in 28 year visit to this sign. Sag is the sign of higher learning, wisdom and knowledge so usually they are optimistic travellers who don’t like to be tied down and hate having to be responsible … for anything. Saturn provides an ambitious, serious quality to enable them to own a high potential as international teachers and visionaries who stand up for what they believe in. Obviously he/she needs exposure to a wide-ranging education and they also have a precise and analytical mind. Good luck with arguing a point with this little archer!

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