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Number of judges (out of nine) who gave Torvill and Dean full marks for “artistic impression” in 1984 (4)


(Refer: 25Ac) Klein eventually pinned the Finn, but was too whacked to contest his ... in the final and lost the gold by default. Perhaps understandably, neither Klein nor Asikainen competed at an Olympics again (5)


These two countries only discovered they had identical flags when they arrived at the 1936 Games, Liechtenstein and ... (5)


Condition Greg Louganis was suffering from when he split his head open on the board mid-dive at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He went on to win gold (3)


Jujitsu, the sport on which judo is based, was the only samurai martial art that did not involve a ... (6)

12 German city in which the Games were first televised (6)


The Olympic sport of Aquatics includes four disciplines: Synchronised Swimming, Swimming, Water Polo and … (6)


Based on a reference in Homer’s Odyssey, handball is considered to be one of the  ... sports and debuted in the modern olympics in Berlin 1936 (6)


Birds that are released as a sign of peace after the Olympic flame is lit (5)


Cycling race event that was discontinued after the 1972 Munich Olympics (6)



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