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Pinching Pennies For A Promising Future
Chelle Cordero - 650 word count
There was a time when saving pennies in an old mayo jar actually got you somewhere. Nowadays, it seems almost impossible to have extra pennies to drop into that jar. Families barely make due and often spend their paycheck before it is earned.
Whether it's saving for a family home, sending the kids to college, travel around the world or retirement, the time to start saving is now.
"Young families really need to evaluate every penny they're spending and understand that there are ways to save money on virtually everything. Think and act frugally so you can build savings and address the goals that really matter to you." According to financial expert Farnoosh Torabi, the author of "Psych Yourself Rich: Get the Mindset and Discipline You Need to Build Your Financial Life,"
"Families should revisit their aspirations often and make sure they're spending habits don't interfere with accomplishing these goals, whether it's to buy a new house, send children to private school or renovate the kitchen."
Making changes to the way you spend your money could easily help you save towards your target. Be frugal, but avoid being cheap and foolish. Look for things that are both affordable and worthwhile. Saving money by buying cheap, processed and less-than-nutritious foods, for instance, might actually cost you more in the long run if your health was put at risk.
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