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New Financial Year Astrology Forecast 2014-2015

Tanya Obreza

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2014 - 2015 Financial Forecast

by Tanya Obreza

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Aries - The Ram

March 21 to April 20

Financially, you areA wild-child.  Watch out, though: financial recklessness can lead to mounting debt. Still, it’s usually whirlwind Aries who starts the most ingenious and successful projects.

Make your year better byEmbracing team effort. If this means a greater appreciation of others and letting bygones be bygones, then so be it.  You give, they give—everybody gets.

You might think you know exactly what’s coming in July, but not so.  Brace yourself when routine is shattered. Just don’t panic, you still look in control—so fake it until you make it.  No one will know.  New sources of income materialise in August, perhaps via a loan or promotion.  For many, September brings the challenge of relocation.  Professionally, it’s a great move; personally, a tad more heart-wrenching. Cash flow seems sluggish in early December, but help comes when favours are returned. One warning for the new year: the past can play “catch up” when you least expect it and that includes outstanding debts.  

Taurus - The Bull

April 21 to May 20

Financially, you areFrugal.  Life would be happier if you would dust off that old wallet and let the dollars flow.   Enjoy the occasional spend-fest. 

Make your year better by:  Staying positive.  Imagine yourself with your goals already accomplished and actually “feel” what it’s like to be there.  The rest will follow.

As you prepare for the future, think abundance.  As early as July, you feel more in control.  August’s assertive edge, too, pushes work along nicely.  You’re primed for negotiating contracts and, for once, money doesn’t seem so hard to come by.  Should September launch your career onto a public platform, be ready.  Networking could also bring attractive offers. In October, make time to concentrate on neglected financial matters at home.  Someone’s spending more than they should.  If November finds you stuck in a career rut, wait until the new year.  That’s when you’ll find new opportunities practically perched on your doorstep. 

Cancer - The Crab

June 22 to July 22

Financially, you are:   Generous. Your gift is giving, often too much so. Though shrewd in business, you’re a push-over with loved ones. Learn to occasionally say “no”.

Make your year better by:  Self-promotion.  It’s not a year for shyness, nor inhibitions. If you want something, or think you deserve it—put your case forward. 

Even in moments of doubt, it doesn’t hurt to tally up your talents.  Come on, Cancer.  You know your tremendous potential. This isn’t the time to underplay it.  Financial negotiations established through winter should be nothing short of inspirational. Don’t turn down a fabulous career opportunity just because you’re not familiar with the requirements.  You’ll learn fast. Too much work threatens your social life through October. Despite the pressure, meet every challenge.  By early 2015, both work and money feel more relaxed.   Earnings increase, but so does expenditure.  So be it—it’s been a tough time, Cancer.  Go spend—indulge your cravings

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