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2015 Australia Day trivia questions x 50


50 Australia Day trivia quiz - sample only


1. Who is Australia’s most successful female Olympian?

2. Which Australian band recorded the iconic hit song Down Under?

3. What are the two houses of the Australian parliament?

4. In what years did Makybe Diva win her three Melbourne Cups?

5. Which animated character introduced decimal currency to Australia on television and radio commercials in the 1960s?

6. In which city, and in what year, was the first McDonald’s Restaurant opened in Australia?

7. Who penned the novel Picnic At Hanging Rock?

8. Blossoms of which tree appear on Australia’s coat of arms?

9. Who was Australia’s Governor-General from 1989 to 1996?

10. Who slashed the ribbon at the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932 before the official ribbon cut by NSW premier Jack Lang?

11. Which Australian author won one of the world’s most prestigious literary awards, the 2014 Man Booker Prize, for his book The Narrow Road to the Deep North?

12. Who appeared on the front, and reverse, of the original Australian $20 note?

13. Who is Director of the Australian War Memorial?

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