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Andy Capp (CS)

Reg Smythe

Andy Capp, the irrepressible pub dweller created by Reg Smythe, first appeared in the Daily Mirror newspapers of England in 1958 as a cartoon panel. It quickly became a favorite throughout the country, as readers everywhere could identify with the good-for-nothing Andy and his smart-mouthed wife, Flo.

Andy Capp's appeal goes beyond the newspaper pages, however. In 1982, the cartoon was made into a musical by Manchester's Royal Exchange Theater, and productions were put on in London and all over England.

In 1988, the strip was adapted into a television series by the British Broadcasting Corporation. In addition, Andy Capp's instantly recognizable face appears on merchandise around the world, from commercials to T-shirts. In short, Andy Capp has become part of our cultural heritage.

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