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ARIES (Mar 21st - Apr 20th)
Your ruler is sharpening its teeth in the 2nd House. You could well show a much feistier attitude to possessions and cash, with a "what's mine's mine" attitude to the fore. The temperature can also ratchet up in your love life. However, watch you are not seduced by superficialities. It's reality that's truly worthwhile.

TAURUS (Apr 21st - May 21st)
With Mars penetrating deeper into your own sign, you can find yourself in a much more action-oriented frame of mind as the month unfolds. But there could be delays, and you could find yourself becoming exasperated, especially until the 23rd. Then things can really get cooking positively for you.

GEMINI (May 22nd - Jun 21st)
With your ruler twisting backwards until the 15th and Mars getting established in a tricky, rather psychological part of your chart, you need to be more than usually careful about what you say to who. There could be an atmosphere of mistrust. Clearly it's best not to give anyone any juicy titbits to feed upon or use against you.

CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd)
It can feel as if a burden is off your shoulders. After a period of having had to really focus on a narrow range of activities, this can be pleasing. But as much as new opportunities and friendships can beckon, will these fit comfortably with you? Don't be tempted to compromise your values seems to be the astral prompt this month.

LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd)
It would be easy to look to external issues or the attitudes of others if there is any change in your situation. However, there are two very contrasting energies at play. These suggest that the more you concentrate on what you do, the more successful you can be in dealing with life's inevitable challenges.

VIRGO (Aug 24th - Sep 23rd)
This month has opportunities but you need to plan carefully to capitalise on them. Charging into new situations without much forethought could prove costly both in time and money and ultimately take you up blind alleys. Working with some kind of guiding light or a mentor can help you forge a better path.

LIBRA (Sep 24th - Oct 23rd)
With Saturn now starting to get a foothold in your 11th House, this is a time to think very seriously about your future plans. Mars is now encouraging you to really hold out for what you want from a financial perspective and others will be much more inclined to take you seriously if you do. However, you can't expect it all on your terms.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd)
Be prepared for things not to go exactly to plan. If you come into contact with influential types, it'll pay to be tactful and patient. Interviews can be cancelled or altered at the last minute and there can professional and worldly hold-ups. However, stick in there, as from the 23rd things can really turn around for you.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st)
If you have got a bee in your bonnet about adding to your professional or academic qualifications, you could surprise yourself and others by just how determined you are to make progress. However, don't try to take on too much. Expansion needs to be balanced against an understanding of the everyday impact such proposals will have. If you balance these you can do well.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th)
Mars is going to give you tremendous support this month. You'll certainly be on the move, whether you are stepping up your fitness regime, perhaps by joining a health club or sports team, or simply being up for boogieing the night away. However, if you're hitched, a partner may feel resentful if you are keener to spend time with others.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th)
Relationships remain important. In an existing union, if you broadly agree about such things as where to live and children and have a little time to yourself, you will probably be content. If not, restlessness can mount. If you're solo, even if you've never been so inclined, you might find yourself looking to make a deep commitment.

PISCES (Feb 20th - Mar 20th)
If you come up against obstacles, you usually find ways to edge around them. However, a change is in the air. Now you can be much more inclined to tell it how it is and there could be fair amount of tension. If you can, look to ways to assuage some of this. Relaxation exercises, gentle stretching or walks can all be beneficial.

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