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Le Cafe

John Martin

By Australian creator John Martin, Le Cafe is located in the middle of Bohemia Hills and looks out onto a pleasant tree lined square. Le Cafe is home to Toulouse, a middle aged, stress-prone, third generation cafe owner and his hard working waitress, Yvette - a young educated woman waiting for her big break in the theatre. It also attracts an eclectic group of people (such as Simone an eccentric customer) who complete the colourful day-to-day atmosphere of Le Cafe. In other words, this could be any cafe in your neighbourhood!! Demographic Catagory - womens, mens, Adult! For further information, please call toll free on 1800 652 284 (Australia only). Alternatively phone 07 555 33 200, fax 07 555 33 201, or simply email AUSPAC MEDIA The Feature People

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