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Sean Kennedy

Available 1 x weekly

Possibility of 6 x weekly on request

The puzzle is called A.C.R.O.Q.U.I.Z., by Sean Kennedy and involves solving a series of acronyms in a given category.

To make these puzzles interesting, the main requirements are that the acronyms are: (a) more than three words long, (b) can be related back to the category, (c) may have a number shown as a numeral (i.e. 0-9) to give a clue, and (d) are fairly obvious when the solution is known.

Examples of the following categories that are available.

Geography, Sherlock Holmes, Places, Historical Events, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, People, Positions, Nursery Rhymes, Music, Lyrics, Agatha Christie, Holidays, James Bond, Bands, Phrases, Sayings, Famous Quotes, Films, TV Shows, Novels, plus many, many more.

For further information, please call toll free on 1800 652 284 (Australia only).

Alternatively phone 07 555 33 200, fax 07 555 33 201, or simply email info@auspacmedia.com.au

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