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Ten Question Quiz (RA)

Ric Allport

Time for Ten

        1.   Who released the 1991 album, Unforgettable... with Love?

         2.   How many interlaced rings are on the Olympic flag?

         3.   Manitoba is a province of which country?

         4.   Which TV soap opera centres around the Forrester family?

         5.   Which voice type comes next:- Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, ...?

         6.   If you are using a Quarrel you are involved in which sport?

         7.   Who preceded Kevin Rudd as Leader of the Labor Party?

         8.   What is the official language of The Gambia?

         9.   True or false - Tasmania is further south than New Zealand?

     10.   Which famous actress was born with the first names, Lady Jayne?



         1.   Which movie is based on the Hoover family's trip to a beauty pageant?

         2.   With which sport would you associate Richie Ramsay?

         3.   Atticus Finch is a fictional character from which novel and movie?

         4.   What is the principal ingredient in coleslaw?

         5.   Black Mountain Tower is located in which Australian city?

         6.   In which country was John Farnham born?

         7.   Bandy is a team sport played on what type of surface?

         8.   Goa is a state in which country?

         9.   True or false - Burrito is a state in Mexico?

                      10.  The Nullarbor Plain stretches across     

                two states or territories?         

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