Feature Submissions

At Auspac Media, we always appreciate the opportunity of seeing new material.  All submissions will be carefully evaluated and any decision regarding syndication will be based on our belief your material will be marketable within the print media of Australia and outlying territories.  We are interested in original material and new ideas and will not except anything that may infringe copyright of another creator.

Keep your submissions simple, visually interesting, with a careful use of colour (or greyscale) using 100% black.  Please double-check your work to ensure it is accurate and can be resized without losing clarity.  

As the creator, your responsibilities would include producing consistently error free material, and delivered to deadline.  

Please Note: Due to deadlines and schedules, we are only reviewing submissions from February to September of each year.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Submit My Work?

Please supply a single page cover letter plus a minimum of twelve samples of your feature.  
Digital Copy: 
Email to:  auspac@auspacmedia.com.au   
Acceptable file types are tiff, jpeg or pdf, a minimum of 300 dpi and colour graphics must be CMYK and 100% black.
Hard Copy:
Mail to:
Margret Pfeiffer
Auspac Media
PO Box 8271
Bundall Qld 4217
Please supply copy on A4 sized paper and include a stamp, self addressed envelope if you wish to have your samples returned.  

Note:  Send copies of your work, not originals.


What Happens Once My Work Has Been Submitted?

It may take up to four weeks before we contact you, and even longer during deadline periods.  You will receive feedback and our decision in writing as soon as we have a chance to evaluate your work.
If your work is accepted:
We will offer our Standard Agreement to promote and represent your feature within our territories, and we can go from there. The amount of income generated will depend on how many publications purchase your feature.
Copy must be supplied to us for distribution in a format our clients can download from our FTP server. The most popular files are EPS, PDF, JPEG and TIFF.   We can advise if other options are available for your particular feature.  Colour graphics are to be CMYK only.  Please embed all fonts, and ensure all graphics are 300 dpi and above.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.